What is green burial?

Green burial is a form of burial that looks to return one’s remains to the natural environment as directly and simply as possible. To that end, it prohibits practices and products that attempt to preserve the dissolution of one’s remains, including chemical embalming, metal caskets and burial vaults. In their stead, green burial providers allow for caskets made from a range of biodegradable materials, like pine, wicker, and cardboard. Grave markers are also of a natural material, such as fieldstone or river rock.The idea is to welcome, even invite, the body’s decay and its reincorporation into the elements. For more information, see the signature book on green burial, Grave Matters, by Mark Harris.

How large is a single plot?

Plots measure 4’ by 8’.

What about cremated remains? Can I bury and/or scatter them?

Cremated remains may be scattered in a soon-to-be-established flower garden within Green Meadow (price to be determined). They may also be buried in a section of the meadow reserved for cremated remains or in a standard plot.

May I provide my own coffin?

Certainly. We ask that the coffin be sturdy enough to support the weight of a 300-pound body and that it measure no larger/wider than the size of the grave, which is 4’ x 8’.

May I bury a loved one in shroud?

You are welcome to cover your loved one in a shroud. We do, however, require that the shrouded body be transported, placed and buried in at least a minimal, cardboard container.

What type of stone is permitted to serve as a grave marker?

Fieldstone, river rock or other stone that’s native to the stratum of eastern Pennsylvania is permitted. Any stone you do chose must first be approved by the cemetery staff. Keep in mind that grave markers may not exceed 400 square inches in size (or 18” by 18”) and may not sit more than 3” above grade.

Where can I find a suitable stone for a grave marker?

We can recommend area suppliers.

Can I engrave the stone?

You’re welcome to engrave the grave marker yourself. We can also recommend area engravers who know how to work with irregular stone.