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Pat's Marker
Green Meadow is the Lehigh Valley’s first – and only – green cemetery.

Here, in a broad field of wildflowers and grasses native to Pennsylvania, the deceased return to the earth in vaultless graves, laid to rest in caskets made from a range of biodegradable materials, like wicker, pine, and sea grass. Bodies are unembalmed. Graves are marked with rustic fieldstone that’s collected from the region and laid flush to the ground.

The goal? To allow remains to degrade naturally and rejoin the elements, to use what’s left of a life to regenerate new life, to return dust to dust. At Green Meadows, we believe that death is no mere end. In our natural, green cemetery, it’s a continuation, part of the great Cycle of Life — of death and rebirth, regeneration and decay – that turns to make all life possible.

We invite you to visit and see how that idea lives on in eastern Pennsylvania.

Green Meadow
1121 Graham Street,
Fountain Hill, Pennsylvania 18015

Contact: Ed Vogrins, 610-868-4840